Intuitive I Ching

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Barry O’Dwyer has been using the I Ching for the past 35 years, mostly for himself, occasionally for friends. Now, at the age of 68, he thinks the time is ripe to pass on his I Ching insights to a broader public.

Barry is also known as The Intuitive Investor, under which guise he writes a dream-based newsletter for those wishing to avoid the coming global financial meltdown.

The many activities which Barry has undertaken include lorry driving, selling for a frozen food producer, retailing (he once owned a lighting shop and lampshade making company), radio reporting and production, and writing on finance.

His primary expertises are financial investment, and in the interpretation of dreams and the I Ching.

“A varied career and life is often very important, preventing a person from becoming too one-sided.”